Friday, May 31, 2013

Interesting week...

This past week has been interesting (and hot!). We now have two high tunnels on our farm. Due to the rush of getting some crops growing there, I did a less than perfect job of properly preparing the beds. So this week I put a straw mulch down around the tomatoes in one of the houses. The temperature in the high tunnel (with the sides up) was 95 degrees.

On Tuesday, while working in the grapes, I killed a copperhead. I usually don't kill snakes, but copperheads are an exception. We've killed several over the last few makes you pay attention as you walk through the grass.
Upon arriving home for lunch, Lisa told me that my nephew's wife, Jennifer, had called to inform us that their bees were swarming. So before I went back to the fields, I checked our hives. Sure enough, we had a big swarm only several feet away from where the other swarm was last week. We caught the swarm and put a feeder on top and started feeding them. So far, they seem content in their new home.

We picked our first sweet pepper this week. I hope to have a limited amount of summer squash, zucchini, and peppers for the market on Saturday.


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