Thursday, May 2, 2013

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Our farm is "branching out" with other products this year. Along with our tried and true items like chickens, eggs, and lamb, we are now selling pork and some vegetables. We have raised pork for the last two years, but it was only available as whole hogs, halves, and quarters. This year we will still do that, but we will also be selling individual cuts from the farm and at the Danville Farmers' Market.
We also set up two high tunnels (see photos at the bottom of our photo gallery) for season extension vegetables. We already have tomatoes planted, along with sweet peppers and summer squash. The warmth of the tunnels gives us a head start on warm season plants. We will also be selling lettuce and mesclun mix. A new year and new ventures...we're excited!

These pictures show a cover crop of Austrian winter peas and oats. We always use cover crops to build the soil. The "new" ground will be tilled for more vegetable beds and the "old" ground is planted with buckwheat for our bees.

I'll try to post regularly with updates. The Danville Farmers' Market opens on May 4th! Hope to see you there.

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