Thursday, June 13, 2013


Excuse me for not posting lately...we have been extra busy and it's been hot! The farmers' market crowds have been small, but the good news is that the people who come have been buying.

We have just begun harvesting from our high tunnels, and so far the bell and banana peppers are our best performers. Tomatoes are on the way, but our summer squash has been a disappointment.

We processed, locally, two hogs for customers this week and still have two more to go. Since we are chemical free, I am experimenting with other things to keep our grape crop healthy (no fungicides!). So far they look pretty good. If these other natural sprays work, I will divulge our secrets at a later date.

We processed our second batch of broilers last Friday (June 7th). About an hour into the processing, the electricity went off. We rushed out to borrow a generator and just as we were pulling back in the driveway, the power came back on. We only had to pluck three of the 98 chickens by hand. Thank God for modern conveniences! (Some of them, anyway.) We only lost about an hour of work time and finished the task at hand.


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