Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Now, after weeks of working and waiting, we are, thank God, beginning to enjoy the harvest. The older I get, the more amazing this whole "plant a seed, watch it grow" thing gets.

I grew up following my dad, Len Herndon, through his garden. I did what he told me to do: helping plant, cultivate, and harvest without much thought as to why and how it was done. Now years later and without all of the knowledge that was lost with his death, I am doing the same things. I wish that I had paid more attention and asked more questions.

This year God has blessed our labor. We have had plenty of rain and good, hot, humid weather. The day we pick our first "real" tomato is almost like a holiday. Now we have fresh snaps (green beans), squash, peppers, garlic, potatoes, and tomatoes.

The privilege to work and take care of our small piece of land is a gift that I count very highly. There is a Native American proverb that says, "We do not inherit the land from our forefathers. We borrow it from our children." I like that.

Plant a seed, watch it grow. I like that, too!


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  1. thank you for this insightful and quite lively post. i can tell what a soulful person you are. keep being you and dont forget to update us


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