Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New for 2015.

This year, we will be updating our website weekly with that week's list of available produce and meat products. (Any upcoming chicken processing days will be mentioned as well, or you can find all of this year's processing days here.) You can receive the list in your email inbox weekly by signing up in the sidebar.

You can respond to the list by email (horsevines@embarqmail.com) to let us know which products you'll be wanting that week. Orders taken this way will take priority over sales at the Farmer's Market. We hope that this way we'll be able to better provide for your needs.

We will be offering more vegetable choices this year. We've put in our order for spring vegetable seeds including spinach, kohlrabi, collards, lettuce, kale, and pac choi. Our first batch of broilers for the year should be ready by the first of May. We'll have fresh pork by the beginning of May, as well. Due to the early freshening of two of our does, we also have goat's milk available a little sooner than expected this year! Contact us for milk share information.

This Week's Products

Ham steak $8 lb
Shoulder chops $8 lb
Hot sausage $7 lb


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  2. I so enjoyed your blog. The goats are so adorable, but I know they can also be ornery, too! Life on the farm is such hard work and a blessing! God bless you for what you and your family do! Reading your blog today was like a breath of fresh country air! Blessings to you, Net


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