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Our broilers are a Cornish Rock Cross. These birds are fast-growing. They are kept in a moveable, bottomless pen that is moved at least once a day. They are supplemented with a ration of locally grown and mixed feed.

The price of broilers is $4 per lb. We sell whole chickens, but if you ask before processing day we can cut them in half for $1 extra per chicken.

Free Range Eggs

We have two types of laying hens: a Rhode Island Red and Barred Rock. These layers are free ranged inside an electrified netting (to keep them safe from predators). They have a moveable shelter and access to all of the grass, bugs, and sunshine that they want.

Eggs are $4 per dozen.

Pastured Lamb
We raise St. Croix sheep, an old breed that are parasite resistant and thrive on pasture alone. Pastured lamb has the benefit of higher omega 3 to 6 ratio and higher CLA (conjugated linoleic acid). Our lambs grow slower than the modern breeds, but we feel that the fact that they consume no grain and don't require chemical de-wormers is more important. 

Lamb prices:
-Loin chops                         $12 per lb.
-Shoulder chops                  $10 per lb.
-Ground lamb                      $7 per lb.
-Boneless leg of lamb         $12 per lb.

 Pastured Pork
We have Tamworth pigs, a heritage breed that are referred to as "Irish grazers." They are pastured alongside our sheep and goats and have the same benefits of omega 3 and CLA. They are supplemented with local corn, wheat, and oats.
Pork prices:
-Pork chops                $10 per lb.
-Shoulder chops         $8 per lb.
-Ham steaks               $8 per lb.
-Sausage                    $7 per lb.

 Goat Milk Shares

We have limited goat milk shares available. Share cost is $50, and the weekly cost is $9 for a gallon of milk.


We have a variety of produce from our garden available seasonally this year.

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